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by Orphén Rivers

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released September 27, 2018

All songs produced & mixed by Orphen Rivers;
Except track 8 mixed by Stan Greene.
Engineered by Orphen Rivers & Michael Parlett.
Recorded at Talented Studios, Los Angeles CA
& odapmusic_studios in Nashville, TN.

Accompanying musicians:
Brad Morrison – lead guitar (5,7,8)
Max Daniel – lead guitar (1,3)
Steven Solomon – piano (2,9,10)
Michael Parlett – sax, ewi, percussion (7,8)
Tony Moore – drums, percussion (5,3)
Roberto Vally – bass (5)
Bill Fulton – piano (7)
Hakan Mavruk – organ (3)
Tita Farrar – backing vocals (3)
Jessie Payo – backing vocals (7)

All songs & lyrics written by Orphen Rivers.
All music by odap.

© 2018 odapmusic.


all rights reserved



Orphén Rivers Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: (Orphan) Be With You
If I wrote about you babe
Would you make my grace fall true?
If I thought about you, baby
Keep me, oh
Now keep me next to you

Keep talking like we're gonna start
Lip sultry gonna bag my bag of hearts

(to the light)

May you sing ooo, ooh
Ooh, ooh, mm

Lone, down below
I find my ghost
Beneath the neon sheet, so
lead me to the River
Should you greet me in the Deep
Where all I see is, you
As the night goes on,
And the days turn gone
I can be with you

If I wrote about you dear
Would you help to ease my mind?
If I thought about you dearly
Hold me in the warm
My brazen-eyed

Try fightin', but you know I'm right
Body achin', go and move me the light

Move me to the light

Lone, down below
I find my ghost
Beneath the neon sheet, so
to the River
Should you greet me in the Deep
Where all I see is, you
As the knife goes on,
And the graves turn gone
I can be with you

Not knowing the cloth
Behind our tie
We grow the same
Beyond our time
(Tangled in a lie)
I'll always know
So true,
that I may love

Come hell, high water
I'll be free
For you, your angel
Follow me

I can be an Orphan
Fit to find my way
Brawl 'neath the ocean floor
Body down, by weight
Sunlight to guide me,
Clean air my lungs may breathe.
Lifted ashore that day
I was, coming home to stay
I'll be with you
I'll be with you
Track Name: Extinct
Honestly did you think that I would catch you?
C’mon, honestly did you think that I would care?
Oh no not me cause I’ve done my job
To shape this brute that I’ve become
I am gone now, love
Turn to me I swear I’ll rip you apart
Cause you need…

Heart, Love
Heart, Love
Heart broken,
Heart broken love

You can bite my lip with all your might
Hard as you like I’m ready and pleased to let it bleed
Tastes so good right?
Yeah I know, its me
Proof to all that cuts like you
Have no effect on what I choose
Scott is gone now love
Turn to me and I swear I’ll rip you apart
Cause you need…

In these warped minds
Do we truly know right from wrong?
Oo I think we don’t
Losing hope in you, in me,
is what daily life’s become.
Will someone show me the slightest
shred of sincerity hiding in this land?
Well, come on anyone?
I bet the moon you can’t
Track Name: Ghost of Apollo
Sleeping with the phone
Pressed up against your lips
Just to control it
We need this morphine drip
But deep inside the drip you will
Find our lost intentions
Begging to break this silence
We’ve been trying so
Desperately to grip

Believe in me now
As you sleep,
And no one is around,
It craves our imperfection
And debility of mind, yeah
Believe in me now
How can I move on?
This ghost of Apollo
Lives still haunting me

Dreaming has left me but a fraction
Of a nights worth of sleep
At four or five when I arise
I grab a pen, take a seat
So deep inside our heads where I
Have planned to pick apart
Hoping to find the resolution hiding here,
This hollowness of ours

I’m a liar, yeah
A God-damn good one
When it comes to this
I'm God-damn good
When it comes to this

I’m a hider, yeah
I’ll do what it takes
I will resist
Track Name: Talk
so I'm just gonna talk
Just to hear myself talk
When I'm not the center of the room
I feel small
What the fuck is love?
I'll never know it like you do
I’d rather buy my power
Wearing thousand dollar shoes

Oh so I'm gonna talk...

Look at me, I'm a man
Money oozing out the glands
Scheming 'till I'm crying to the Devil for a hand
With nothing here inside of me
I'll leach some out of you
Just to get a taste of what it's like for being true

Look at me, I'm a lady
Gonna get my body right
All the makeup in the morning
They won't see me in the light
Find another sugar daddy
I can call my Boo
Baby, numb the mind
So I won't question what I do

Oh, now I am found out
So, now I've been found out

(You can hide,
Pull your eyelids down
But in the dark,
You'll never drown me out
You can hide,
Pull your eyelids down
And through the flames,
Hear me call you out)

See me taking photos
In the mirror of my self
Poppin' pills and partyin's
Way cooler than my health
Breathing for a moment
Is right where I’m meant to be
I don't mind the future
And my past won't bother me

I am gonna be desired
Get them doin' what I do
My "Friends" are all assembled
So they leave me looking cute
I'm soaking up the nugatory shows and magazines
It’s here I learn my morals from a bimbo in her teens

I walk these streets
Dodging all the swine that crawls before me
P-P-Picking up speed
They’re not gonna hear me stutter again

I walk these streets,
Elusive to the slime
That’s secreted before me,
To the view at the top
Of the age old Emerald City
Where we sit and we listen
To the sounds that the animals make
Track Name: Windows, Open
and so, let’s gaze outside with tarnished
Green and hazel eyes
Passed these big glass sheets that they call windows
Just think four weeks before the leaves
Cascaded in the trees
And now their death paints colors on the floor

Nothing but the stars come out at night
To remind me of that day
And all the light, which slipped away
Nothings ever been so dark before,
C’mon, give me just one more
Tell me what’s the price I’ll have to pay

as the Sun goes down it reflects shades of bloody red
From cloud to cloud
Burning down my building to the ground
Search for me I’ll be
Under the ashes and debris
sheep by sheep
This thing called Fear
Always predicts where I’ll be

Every passing minute is another chance
Turn it around
I’ll be here
Painting our Vanilla Sky
Every passing minute, another chance
To turn it around
In this dream
I know one day that you’ll find

Tell me what's the price I'll have to pay
and all the Light returned my way

(I thank you all, Oh
I thank you all
You saved me from falling all the way down
You saved me from falling to my grave in the ground
You saved me from falling, falling, falling, falling down
To my grave in the ground)
Track Name: Crazy, Morning Light
Baby you've been going crazy, now
And its been drivin' me mad
Maybe, I'm just as crazy as you
I kind of like it like that

You can be my only muse
I'd trace along your lines
Gonna love you like I've never lived before
Phoenix into the night

I know little darlin'
War rages on inside
Love ain't got no reason to hide
Go and take some bright from me, ahh
Girl it's gonna be alright
I'm sorry if I sing to you
So many songs you may not want me to
You've become alive in me, ahh

Kiss me in the morning light
la da da, la da da, la da
(Kiss me in the mornin')
Kiss me

Caught you wondering down a dark road
You saw me shimmer in white
Sound softly, sprinkled up in your ear
Rid of all those snakes in sight, now
Don't you know, that I will always root for you
Even if I'm a ghost
So break free, honey
Don't forget you're true
Ever keeping me close

I know little darlin'
War rages on inside
Love ain't got no reason to hide
Go and take some bright from me, ahh
Girl it's gonna be alright
I'm sorry if I prove to you
So many truths you may not want me to
You've become the blood in me, ahh

Ain't gonna let you bleed tonight
la da da, la da da, la da
(Ain't gonna let you bleed)

So kiss me in the morning light

Found some might in you
So cured; incline
Can't be held to help myself
Never, ever, wanted
To see you go
Forever in deep blue

I'm sorry if I sing to you
So many songs
You may not want me to
You've become alive in me, ahh

Kiss me in the morning light
Track Name: Maybe If You Were
Hide until you break, then take
Another chance on me
You will see
Just what love
could be

Hide until you break, then take
Another chance on me
This could be
The love you’ve always dreamt
You would see

Hide behind the wall
Then fall
When there is no one to see
Baby please
If there’s no one you can count on
Then you know
There’s always gonna be me

Hide behind the wall, then fall
When there is no one to see
Baby freeze
I’ll let the fire burn
And slowly make your body say please

This is me tonight
I’m genuine,
Forgiving my disguise
Opening the valves
To let you feel inside
These velvet veins of mine
Once hallowed out
And dried
She says, “ Yeah there’s this warmth
I can feel as he flows within my mind.”

Infinite words for letters to be sent to you
Through the waves of sound
I’m sending something new
Molecules combust
I know you feel it too
Cosmic rays that breathe these gentle shades of…
Track Name: The Other Side (Hey, Hey)
and I will send this Angel through you
Wont you tell me that you'll catch him on the other side?
(Hey, hey)

and when I send that call out for you
Come a'runnin' to the head
Another heart to guide

(Hey, hey)
To the other side

Take me to that place now (alright)
Where I'm in your space, now (all night)
For which the rest
I'm held to write
Hey, hey

An appointed quest; vow.
Our fall from Grace, how?
Can I make you see
I hold my breath here on this straight

To the Other Side
Hey, hey, hey

Hone the tune with a little bit of sex
To own the muse
"Oh show me what's next…"
That day when
I'm awakened by you
And the mass will hear this pop market sound
With a build to inner profounds
And I'll watch you sing along
While dancing through the rain
In the street

(Bittersweet symphony, baby
When I close my eyes you come and you take me
On and on and on
It's always there in my daydreams
Oh it's such a bittersweet symphony
On and on and on)

To the Other Side

Take me to that place now
Where I'm in your space now
For which the rest
I'm held to shape and write, write, write
An appointed quest; vow.
Now ascend to Grace
Oh how can I make you see?
I hold my breath here on this straight.
Track Name: River, Flow On
I will bring to you my song
Set the light back to your heart,
Love, I’ve stood there all along
Had enough, no M-I-A
To better myself, grew tough
Might I make you stay?

Behold and brand my hand
harness flames, & understand
Become, undone,
Stand nobly spun
My comely, only one
Receive you, white within waves
Inborn, present
Heel my way
Now turn me on,
Alive and glow in from
Flow on with me
As a river flow on

Like a river through Tennessee

Let your gravity fill my room
Kids once knew, full grown into
Shown traces of a beautiful bride & groom
The crumb trail culminate, the weight
And wade unto these
Free ways
Focus scope
Face frame through mist
To swim between the rhythmic

As a river
As a river
As a river,
Flow on.
Track Name: [bonus demo] #LesbiFriends
Looking all around you girl, I-
I'm spent
I could not read between the lines
Or what those shitty lines had meant

I'm three feet tall right now
And barely touching ground
Celestial spheres keep the world in bounds, girl
You keep it spinning
Round & round

Lets fall
In love with a lesbian
Never thought that all my years
Of waiting here
Would end up like this
In love
With a lesbian
It's just like me to fall
For a chick that I
Could never get

Of all the fish in sea
My lure was tangled up on you
Had a million miles to seek,
I was motionless I knew
My feet were chained
Right to the ground
Yet I held my tongue in hand
Let's not confess, baby
Just play chess now
Let me hear you say
Checkmate, and

I'll keep you spinnin' round and round

(Have you ever tried it?
I guarantee you'll like it
I think its funny when you say it
You fell in love)
I fell in love
(You fell in love)
I fell in love
You fell so deep in love
With a lesbian

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