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so I'm just gonna talk
Just to hear myself talk
When I'm not the center of the room
I feel small
What the fuck is love?
I'll never know it like you do
I’d rather buy my power
Wearing thousand dollar shoes

Oh so I'm gonna talk...

Look at me, I'm a man
Money oozing out the glands
Scheming 'till I'm crying to the Devil for a hand
With nothing here inside of me
I'll leach some out of you
Just to get a taste of what it's like for being true

Look at me, I'm a lady
Gonna get my body right
All the makeup in the morning
They won't see me in the light
Find another sugar daddy
I can call my Boo
Baby, numb the mind
So I won't question what I do

Oh, now I am found out
So, now I've been found out

(You can hide,
Pull your eyelids down
But in the dark,
You'll never drown me out
You can hide,
Pull your eyelids down
And through the flames,
Hear me call you out)

See me taking photos
In the mirror of my self
Poppin' pills and partyin's
Way cooler than my health
Breathing for a moment
Is right where I’m meant to be
I don't mind the future
And my past won't bother me

I am gonna be desired
Get them doin' what I do
My "Friends" are all assembled
So they leave me looking cute
I'm soaking up the nugatory shows and magazines
It’s here I learn my morals from a bimbo in her teens

I walk these streets
Dodging all the swine that crawls before me
P-P-Picking up speed
They’re not gonna hear me stutter again

I walk these streets,
Elusive to the slime
That’s secreted before me,
To the view at the top
Of the age old Emerald City
Where we sit and we listen
To the sounds that the animals make


from RIVER, released September 27, 2018


all rights reserved



Orphén Rivers Nashville, Tennessee

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